5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Job sites today look a lot different than they did a few short decades ago. iPads
and mobile phones have become as commonplace as hard hats and work boots.
Staying connected via cloud technology has been a game changer for the mobile

From instant updates and streamlined workflow to reduced errors and improved
communication, intuitive tools can have a direct impact on a company’s profits.
Simply put, working smarter and more efficiently saves money.


1. Increased Efficiency

Paper is becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of trailers filled with
cumbersome file cabinets packed with paper. Mobile technology and cloud
computing have changed the way construction firms organize and store

Rather than filing reports after a long day’s work, foremen armed with mobile
devices can now report in real time directly from the field. Easy access to project
documents streamlines workflow to drastically improve efficiency.

Less paper means fewer errors (and reworks), reduced man-hours and more
mobility—a priceless improvement for any mobile workforce.

2. Improved Communication and Collaboration

Instant access to real-time data that’s accessible from anywhere translates to
better communication, whether from office to job site or client to contractor. On-
site access to schedules, reports and unlimited data ensures that everyone stays
on the same page at all times.

And when a complication arises? Mobile collaboration tools make it faster and
easier to make informed decisions and solve problems.

On-site equipment issues often mean production delays and lost profits.
Solutions like video collaboration tools make it much easier to overcome these
common challenges. With eyes essentially on-site, experts located anywhere can
seamlessly walk field workers through step-by- step solutions.

3. Access to Expert Knowledge

Skilled workers with highly specialized expertise are becoming harder to find as
more industry veterans retire and the workforce dwindles. Fortunately,
technology solutions are filling the knowledge gap.

Armed with IntelliSchematic software, even newer technicians can successfully
troubleshoot an equipment problem on-site. With the help of this smart tech,
expert knowledge on specific machinery is essentially at workers’ fingertips at all

This type of software also helps avoid issues altogether with highly effective
predictive and preventive maintenance applications.

4. Smarter Safety and Security

Innovative technology is rapidly replacing outdated gear to keep workers safer
and more productive. Smart hard hats equipped with visors that display
blueprints and 4D models are no longer a thing of science fiction. Responsive
clothing fitted with sensors and other wearable technology is also coming to a
job site near you.

Drones have several practical applications for minimal investment. These handy
eyes in the sky can monitor job sites for both security and job progress. They
also keep work-sites safe by identifying dangers and hazards. Finally, drones can
produce land surveys faster and more accurately than traditional methods.

5. Effortless Tracking

Keeping track of a mobile workforce has never been easier or more efficient,
thanks to tools like ExakTime. Digital time cards and other time-tracking software
allow you to easily access current workforce information from anywhere.

GPS solutions also make it simple to keep track of your investments, from
locating specific equipment to determining when it’s used. Whether monitoring
employees or equipment, tracking tools improve productivity, ease compliance
and streamline day-to- day operations.

In today’s competitive construction landscape, embracing technology is a no-
brainer. From collaboration tools to drones, today’s smart solutions keep
construction teams connected, safe and efficient to boost your bottom line.