Tiffanie Jones



Tiffanie Jones graduated from Auburn University in Montgomery, AL with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. With her family roots set deep in the industrial world, Tiffanie had always held an interest in the field. Following her graduation, she accepted a position at Sterne Agee as commission payroll manager, in which she processed and managed payroll for 50+ independent stock brokers. Tiffanie was offered and accepted a position with Adatech, Inc. as the Recruiting Office Manager. Her jobs with both Sterne Agee and Adatech, Inc. supplied her with all the tools to succeed and have a foundational future in the business world.

Although Tiffanie was employed with Adatech, Inc., when the opportunity arose to take a position at MW Industrial Services, Inc., she did not hesitate. Tiffanie’s extensive knowledge of the financial, recruiting, and construction industries gave her the unique perspective to transform the administration, accounting, and human resources of the company, which have led MW Industrial Services to its current stature as an industry leader.

Two years into her career with MW Industrial Services, she accepted the position as CEO/CFO of MW Industrial Services. Her first task was to restructure the internal composition of the company, allowing MW Industrial Services to offer stock options to key employees. MW Industrial Services has continued to grow to levels that would not have been attainable without her innovative thinking and knowledge of the industry.